Our Story

We started COPRA in 2012 because, at the time, we couldn't find a single coconut water brand that tasted like the actual coconut water we grew up with in Thailand. So, we set out on a mission to bring the authentic taste and nutrition of real coconut water to the world. We have grown from a small team of childhood friends sampling our 100% raw coconut water in New York supermarkets to an international supplier of premium tropical ingredients from Thailand, specializing in coconuts. 


We never use concentrates, preservatives or additives, and minimally process our coconut products. We source organic Thai "Nam Hom" coconuts while they are still young and green in order to extract the best tasting coconut products on earth. We recognize the value of this resource and are driven by a commitment to ecologically and economically viable methods of sharing the uncompromised taste and extraordinary nutritional benefits of our products. 

Ben & Chai founded COPRA Inc in Manhattan, New York.
Launched 100% Raw Coconut Water in the US.
Launched wholesale coconut based ingredients to foodservice channels
Started distributing in Europe & Asia.
Built a new facility in Ratchaburi, Thailand

Our Values

Copra supplies the highest quality tropical ingredients to businesses at the forefront of the healthy & sustainable food movement around the world. 

We are committed to sourcing the highest quality, purest ingredients possible. Our products come to you with nothing extra and nothing removed. 

We value our customers. We work closely with our customers of all sizes to customize packaging, processing methods, and develop new and innovative products. 

We value our farmers. We work directly with smallholder farmers in Ratchaburi Province to practice sustainable agriculture that is healthy for them and the environment. As stewards of a rich coconut heritage and their land, farmers receive fair and above market prices. 



Staying true to our Thai origins and working to maintain the natural ecosystem of local farms and the lives of people who have lived there for generations is at the core of our philosophy. Our commitment to the environment of Ratchaburi province extends to the economic sustainability of the region as well.



Basing our facility directly at the source gives us an incomparable ability to guarantee remarkable quality in all that we do. Our coconuts are processed the same day they are harvested, so our product is as fresh as possible by the time it reaches you. At every step, from processing to packaging, nothing is added or removed, making what our customers hold in their hands perfectly natural.